The Fatt Dog Experience

Live at the Kings Arms, Auckland

20th July 2014

On a wet and grey Auckland Sunday afternoon, 4 likely lads jumped on stage at the legendary Kings Arms Tavern in Auckland City and played a set of blues classics and ‘On The Spot’ jams. There was no prior rehearsal, no set list and no discussion, they just got up there and played. From that moment, the Fatt Dog Experience was born and this is the result. 

Feel free to download, distribute and enjoy this collection and dont forget to support local live music where ever you are in the world.

The Fatt Dog Experince is waiting for you HERE

New Album Out Now..!!!

The latest Fatt Max album MAKING NOISE is out now and available for free download

Its a collection of Fatt Max original songs recorded live in support of

New Zealand Music Month 2014

Check it out at

Hope you enjoy….. 

The “Clear Blues” Recordings

A collection of new, original tunes recorded at The Blues Lounge by Fatt Max

This collection is an extension of past recordings and is very much in keeping with a ‘back to basics’ sound inspired by traditional and modern influences.

Blues as a genre has its roots in the US, but the world can share in the everlasting emotions that come with the old masters and new front runners. The future of The Blues rests with those who wish to keep the flame burning, respecting the old while at the same time being part of the constant evolution.

The environment of New Zealand in itself can generate a blues vibe through the natural surroundings, beauty and culture of the landscape and it’s people. It matters not where you are or where you are from, The Blues will always be where it is wanted.

The stunning artwork for this collection was created by Jossie Mason of Alternative Infinity (see sleeve notes) and is a dramatic capture of the landscape we love so much here in NZ. In fact, its is true to say that preservation of our environment goes hand in hand with preservation of The Blues that is created here.

Feel free to play through the tracks below and download the songs, sleeve notes and artwork for free. A dollar in the next collection bucket you see plus a smile on the face of a stranger is all I want for presenting this music to you.

Stay safe and well

Mark “Fatt Max” Hill – July 2012






Download all the tracks, exclusive artwork and sleeve notes on the link below:

Fatt Max – The ”Clear Blues” Recordings



Fatt MaxWatercolour

Well, here it is, the Fatt Max album ‘Watercolour’.

Why Watercolour? Simple really, it’s a reference to the two places in this world I call home, London and Aotearoa. I always liked walking through the West End of London looking at the reflections of the lights on the wet cobbles. It gave me a comforting feeling, one of belonging. Then there were the early morning trips across the Thames as the sun was rising, it made the Old Father look like a river of gold. In NZ the tapestry of colours of the sea at different times of the day always makes me stop and look, hoping never to become complacent with the intrinsic beauty of this God given country.

Watercolour is the comfort I draw from missing my home so much while at the same time being privileged to live in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

The other aspect of this album and a lesson that we all forget from time to time is ‘Never Forget Who You Are’. At the end of the day, it really is all we have to take with us when we move on.

All these coffee table magazines, corporate bullshit talkers, mind numbing TV shows, greedy piggies, social expectations thrown at us through media and café culture, plastic networking and false smiles on people that don’t matter or care mean nothing unless YOU ARE YOU. Don’t get caught in the treadmill of what others want or force you to be.

There is no charge for this album, yep, it costs zilch, nudda, nowt, sweet F A etc etc. Why? Well, there is no way I am giving the government another reason to take even more money from me, this way they cant. All I ask is that you make a donation to a charity of your choice as and when you can, and post up a bit of feedback on the album through the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.

Anyway, enough of my babble. Feel free to download the album below along with the track listing, sleeve notes and cover artwork. Thanks a bundle,  I hope you enjoy.

Peace out kiddywinks xx

Fatt Max – 30th January 2012, Auckland New Zealand

Click here to download tracks 01 – 07

Click here to download tracks 08 – 15

Click here to download the cover artwork

Click here to download the track listing and sleeve notes


Blooze Yeah

Click here to download your free copy of Blooze Yeah in mp3 format and including a jpeg of the cover artwork. Enjoy…..


‘Wrap Your Arms Around The World’.

This track was written to celebrate the birth and everlasting life of the Global Ukulele Movement, a global family I am so proud to be part of.

I dedicate the song to the people of Christchurch, New Zealand who have faced the stress, strain and upset of earthquakes especially over the Christmas period in 2011. 

Stay strong good people, be safe and well, and may these torrid times quickly pass you by. You are in our thoughts and prayers


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